Even though my school days are way in my rear view mirror, Back-to-School is still pretty much my favorite time of year. Who says the fun is just for your school daze? Here are my back-to-school picks for adulating your way through September.


Wet Brush Pink Detangler Hair Brush – My current (nine dollar) beauty obsession. It reminds me of calling my boyfriend after my parents fell asleep and twirling a phone cord. Plus, this  throwback works better than any of the high end brushes I’ve tried.

gap bodysuit

GAP Soft Lapel Jumpsuit – This day-to-night jumpsuit is going to save my ass this fall. For a night out I’ll pair it with strappy heels and sparkly earrings. For the playground or a trip to the aquarium I’ll throw on a colorful scarf and my slip ons. At $80, I’m a happy girl, but wait for one of GAP’s almost daily sales and you could snag it for 40% off like I did! Suh-weet!


Ashley G Weekly Planner – Even though I keep most of my notes and important dates in my phone, I still can’t resist a new planner and I always feel more productive when I write things down. I don’t remember ever having one this cool though! Maybe because Ashley Goldberg is younger than me so she wasn’t making them yet. $17


Snarky Pencils – These genius pencils are actually proven to make you smarter, faster, better, stronger. Or at least smile. $7 for a set of 5.


Bikini So Teeny Nail Polish – I only indulge in painting my toes about once a month (you know that means it’s really 2 months, right?) so I try to choose a color that I’ll like for a long time and that goes with everything I wear. This is it, right herr! Trust me, all the cool girls are doing it! PEER PRESSURE! $9

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Loveyoubye! Maggie

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