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Put a Swan on It!

Swans are a thing now, but they still feel fresh to me. Their black and white plumage and sculptural shape play nicely with modern interiors, but they have a great Victorian quality to them as well. Plus swans are total bitches – nasty birds, really – so there’s something kind of intimidating which makes me want to plaster them all over the walls of my non-existent powder room.

I just added these little cuties to the shop today. They’re made of celluloid which was big in the 1920’s. vintage celluloid swan raised by designvintage celluloid swan raised by design

I love some of the swan trends I’m seeing out and around…

Rifle Paper Co. never lets us down – I’m really into the black background of this print – it’s moody but still playful so would work for kiddos and grownups alike! Super Duper!
Perfecto! A collection of swan planters with a granny flower painting.
Nina Campbell’s Swan Lake wallpaper and fabric are pretty feminine looking in this photo, but could be bad ass with some more masculine pieces.
Of course. Swan floaties at a wedding.
Land of Nod Sheet Set
Completely smitten with the swan head (and everything) in the nursery over at Paul & Paula. Aye!
Black beauties for your console styling pleasure.
another awesome kids' room - could work for a boy or girl
Another awesome kids’ room – could work for a boy or girl. Could just throw some swans over the end of your big girl bed. 

Are you planning a swan theme for your babe’s room? Or a chic powder or dressing room?


Filling up the shop today…tomorrow…forever after. Head over to browse and check back at the end of the week for more listings in the works.

RBD Etsy Shop Vintage Moose Book Print by W. J. Wilwerding
Vintage Moose Book Print by W. J. Wilwerding
RBD Shop Antique Art Deco Lithographed Children's Lunchbox
Antique Art Deco Lithographed Children’s Lunchbox
RBD Shop Pair Vintage Paint by Numbers
Pair Vintage Paint by Numbers

More coming soon!

RBD Shop Vintage ANRI Italian Bottle Stoppers
Vintage ANRI Italian Bottle Stoppers
RBD Shop Vintage Floral Lined Suitcase
Vintage Floral Lined Suitcase

Loveyoubye! Mags



Raised by Design Etsy Shop Announcement

The Raised by Design Etsy Shop is officially open for biz! Peep it here or by clicking ‘SHOP’ at the top of this page. Favorite the shop for updates, or follow me on your choice of social media time wasters – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

I’m super excited about crossing this 10-year-old item off of my to-do list. Buying and selling vintage wares is in my blood. I was raised (reluctantly) accompanying my mom to garage sales, estate sales, thrift shops and flea markets as a kid in Chicago. When I got to college I found myself dragging my roommates to second-hand sales and force feeding them my quirky decorating style in its awkward stage. And now that I have my very own grown up home, I find the most joy in filling it with family heirlooms and my most precious vintage finds – items I’ve carefully packed and moved around the country from rental to rental.

As I mention on my shop page, the connection between new and old is really important to me. As a student of history and interior design, the roots of a design – how it was raised – are what makes it interesting to me. Everything in the shop has firmly anchored today’s design trends and will play well with the new things in your home.

I’ve only stocked the shop with one tenth of the wares that I have in stock and will be adding new items daily – hourly – all the time. Tell your friends and fill your homes with COOL VINTAGE SHIT!

In the time it’s taken me to connect the shop to the blog and make this announcement, I’ve already sold one of my favorite items – the Made in Japan French Bulldog Figurine. So my Etsy cherry has been popped (so gross, I know)!

I’m so amped up on Etsy that I’m offering a shop-wide discount through this Sunday, 6/22. Use the coupon code “CHERRY” at checkout to receive 10% off your order. 

raised by design easy shop banner

Happy shopping! Loveyoubye, Mags


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