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Tomorrow is the first day of summer! I totes thought it already was summer, but I’m up for an excuse to celebrate. So I plan to celebrate by eating tons of hot dogs (Chicago Style, pshaw!) and watching FIFA World Cup soccer. Most likely in our dark, dank neighborhood pub that’s about as summery as a turtleneck but has a great crowd and incredible nachos. Just kidding…no wait, totally serious. I’m also going to be doing some stuff in the yard and crossing my fingers that I don’t bump into our two summer squatters – the ground hog under the shed and the possum under the deck. So nice of them to join us. I’m also going make my own iced coffee and put together some summery snacks to share with you all next week.

Heck yeah for summer! Here are this week’s links:

Loveyoubye! Mags

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