With Vince’s 1st Birthday already in our rear view mirror, I’ve been looking back over his first year and I’m feeling all the feels; sad that I can’t slow time, but super excited for the fun that awaits and soaking up the fun that we’re having now.

I’m also looking back at all the stuff that we’ve accumulated and trying not to be totally horrified. I’m teasing out the best of the best and sharing my picks with you all. If you missed my essentials for newborns, check it here.

Here is the second installation of my Mommy Must List – for the 3-6 months stage, when they shed their precious (and terrifying!) brand newbie status and become rapidly developing infants. This is typically the stage when working moms go back to work (#toosoon), when most little ones are transferred to their cribs at night and when big skills like grasping toys, rolling over, sitting up and really interacting with caregivers take hold. It’s a great age – but of course, they all are.

baby registry essentials mommy must list for infants

  1. BUMBLE AND BUMBLE PRET-A-POWDER – because showers are a luxury but getting out is a necessity. This is an expensive little bottle of hair powder but I’ve had it for over  a year and I’m not even halfway through. It smells great and doesn’t give you that awful powdered wig effect.
  2. INFANTINO TEXTURED BALL SET – babes this age are learning to hold things and take in a lot of information by touch and taste. we love this set – each is a different size, color and texture.
  3. CROSS BODY BAG (similar) – once you get past the 10-diapers-a-day newborn stage, you can lighten your load and carry just the essentials for quicker outings. To keep your hands free for toting a babe, a chic cross body bag is key.
  4. GOURMET MAIL-ORDER MEALS (like Blue Apron) – friends of ours who’d had a baby a month earlier sent us a free trial of Blue Apron and it turned out to be a life saver. Even though I’m an avid cook and both sets of grandparents are local, we still needed a lot of help feeding ourselves. Even six months in I wasn’t ready to juggle meal planning, shopping and cooking every night (that didn’t come back until recently). James is a hands on husband and Dad, but he doesn’t have the years of practice that I’ve clocked in, so these turnkey meals were a great solution for us. Three nights a week I knew we would sit down to a beautiful dinner, and it became a slice of normalcy amidst our new chaos that we really looked forward to.
  5. MANHATTAN TOYS RATTLE – this rattle is great for this age and it’s design is A+
  6. MEDELA HARMONY MANUAL BREAST PUMP – I never used a mechanical pump because I didn’t have to pump all that often – Vince and I are a package deal so the boob is always there for him. But even Moms who pump at work say this is a good grab-and-go option when you don’t feel like messing with the big guns. Our lactation consultant highly recommended it and I found it to be easy to clean and good at its job.
  7. 2TB STORAGE DRIVE – you’ll quickly run out of space on your phone with your little show stopper around so snap up one or two of these to back up those 100 videos of baby cooing and pooping.
  8. MOZART TAKE-ALONG TUNES – when my bestie swore this was the best $8 bucks she’d ever spent, I’m sure I responded with a blank stare. But now I’m running around all like, “this is the best $8 bucks I’ve ever spent, you guys!” Seriously – it’s kid magic and even if you’re anti-batteries, it’s freaking Mozart, so lighten up.
  9. NOSEFRIDA NASAL ASPIRATOR – snot sucking sounds like the grossest thing ever until is your baby who needs it. This is the new go-to – bulbs are so out.
  10. MERLIN’S MAGIC SLEEPSUIT – new parents will do anything to get their babies to sleep, including dressing them up in a ridiculous astronaut suit every night so that they don’t startle themselves awake, but they can still suck their thumb.
  11. COMBAT-READY BALM FOR BABIES – this cream is made from all natural ingredients and it’s super gentle, so I use it for everything from chapped cheeks and chins to tiny scratches on his face. I’m only just ready to replace my jar after a full year of use so the price is worth it.
  12. BABY SPARKS ACTIVITY APP – unless you have a background in infant development or have tons of babies in your life, your first will be somewhat of a mystery and in these early months there’s a lot of ‘what should we do now?’. This app helped give me ideas of things to do with Vince at each age – games to play and exercises we could do with him that were fun and age appropriate. A Serious Sidenote:  The full function of this app is, in my opinion, totally over the top, neurotic Type A crazy-pants and I don’t think it’s worthwhile for a mother to subject themselves or their child to a rigorous daily checklist of developmental milestone activities. The added pressure is a nothankyou and it’s a slippery slope of self doubt and anxiety when you start comparing your little ones to imaginary textbook babies (speaking from experience!). Most babies develop fully and normally, and ALL do so on their own timeline and without a whole bunch of prompting from adults so we can all pretty much chill out on this stuff. That said, there were definitely days when I was in need of suggestions for new ways to play with Vince. This app was a great tool in that way and I’m still using it occasionally. Staring contests get old quick. 

Those are my picks for this fun age! Go play with your babes!


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