This is one of the those things that I just spent a half whole day on and most people won’t notice. So I’ll write a post about it and fix that. If I were a total pro, designing and selecting a logo could take weeks or months. There are whole companies and careers dedicated to the science of developing a logo (sounds like an awesome job, right?!). And for good reason. Logos are muy importante. They communicate so much about a product, service or organization without saying a word. 

While blindly designing this one today, I imagined myself in a 12th floor board room with a big spread of logo options to review. In my corporate day-nightmare I’m crossing my arms and looking down my nose at the options. “No, No, EW!, Nope, Poop, seriously?!, No…YES. This one. Love it.” And then I turn and snob-walk out of the room in my power suit. Ugh, thank god that’s not my reality. And…that’s not how it happens anyway. Unless people are jerks. 

But it’s just me. Sitting at my desk listening to this awesome song. Fartin’ around in Photoshop until I’ve made something that feels good. Not a very ‘brand science’ approach. Oh friggin’ well though. If I science everything to death in starting my business, I’ll never get it off the ground. My Dad calls it “paralysis by analysis” and I have a near terminal case of it. See this post

With this logo, I can easily change out the color of the diamond (or is it an arrow fletching?) to suit my mood. The font is Code Light and available for free here

You may have noticed that I’ve also changed my header…again. This one is a little cleaner, centered, and gives me less agita about kerning and mobile apps. And I’m not promising that these things won’t change again. I change my mind about stuff. A lot. And you poor blokes are all along for the ride…too late to back out now, the roller coaster has left the dark musty dragon’s mouth and is clacking up the hill. 

But seriously, what do you think? 



2 Comments on New Logo Design

  1. Mo
    03/05/2014 at 12:51 PM (4 years ago)

    Loves it! It gives me a very current retro feel- is that allowed? xox

    • Maggie Natarelli
      03/05/2014 at 3:20 PM (4 years ago)

      Thanks, Mo! Yes. It’s totes allowed. James said it looks like the Redskins logo. Whoops. It’s staying for now! xo


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