Our boy is turning one next month (agh!) and we decided to create a reading nook in his room to mark the occasion. Vince is growing into quite the little bookworm.

He tipped us off by being an early page turner at 8 months and by crawling over to his basket of books whenever we put him down. His first theatrical meltdown was staged after I finished a book and didn’t immediately begin again. And as if to seal the deal, in the last few weeks he’s decidedly chosen “book” to be his first word…pronounced “ugkkkkkk”.

Nerds that we are, we are falling over ourselves to keep reading at the top of his list and since we currently read on the living room floor, we thought he would enjoy having a special place in his own room to cozy up with a good book.

Cox and Cox via Apartment Therapy

We’re still talking about how the space will be carved out, but we know that we want a beanbag chair for him to slump into. Beanbag chairs, once reserved for the set of Austin Powers or Clarissa Explains It All, are now considered legit grown up living room furniture. But since Vince will probably smudge boogers or half eaten cookies into his, I’m going pass on the $1,000 faux fur models and instead attempt to make one.

This tutorial makes it look really easy and swears it only takes 30 minutes. Which means it will take me 3 hours, at least, between my limited sewing skills, my penchant for fucking up instructions and my cat-napping kid.


I ordered these cute string lights from Bright Lab Lights, which work great with the room’s (loose) color palette of navy, mustard, magenta and brown. I use this image as my guiding light when I feel like things are looking cray-ballz in there.

via Tulonksy

I’ll be ordering the fabric from Spoonflower and I’ve narrowed it to these six combos of a navy/coral print for the front and mustard/gold backing (shown in one yard swatches). I prefer to keep it pretty gender neutral and don’t want anything too cutesy. Versatility is key in our tiny house! It has to pass the, “Would I want this in my living room?” test.

navy coral mustard gold color palette fabric combinations
Sloane by Charlotte Winter + Moose Mustard by Pysselnabon | Spring Expression by Very Sarie + Fish by Andrea Lauren | Coral Jubilee by Ivie Cloth Co + Mustard Mod by Kimsa | Moderne by Willow Lane Textiles + Mustard Mountains by Christine Witte | Stag in Flowers by Ivie Cloth Co + Large Mustard Pluses by Gypsy Moth Design | On the Move by Nadia HassanStripes Mustard by Andrea Lauren

Which combo is your favorite? I’m leaning toward option #4, but I’m not totally sold on any of these. I wish that badass painting in the above photo was also made into fabric that was super affordable. Help!

Loveyoubye, Mags

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  1. Mary Engelbreit
    01/21/2016 at 10:30 AM (2 years ago)

    I like #3 and # 4—- that’s going to be one hip library! I’ll be sending some books your way to fill it up!


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