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5 Ridiculously Cheap Back-to-School Buys for Adulting

Even though my school days are way in my rear view mirror, Back-to-School is still pretty much my favorite time of year. Who says the fun is just for your school daze? Here are my back-to-school picks for adulating your way through September.


Wet Brush Pink Detangler Hair Brush – My current (nine dollar) beauty obsession. It reminds me of calling my boyfriend after my parents fell asleep and twirling a phone cord. Plus, this  throwback works better than any of the high end brushes I’ve tried.

gap bodysuit

GAP Soft Lapel Jumpsuit – This day-to-night jumpsuit is going to save my ass this fall. For a night out I’ll pair it with strappy heels and sparkly earrings. For the playground or a trip to the aquarium I’ll throw on a colorful scarf and my slip ons. At $80, I’m a happy girl, but wait for one of GAP’s almost daily sales and you could snag it for 40% off like I did! Suh-weet!


Ashley G Weekly Planner – Even though I keep most of my notes and important dates in my phone, I still can’t resist a new planner and I always feel more productive when I write things down. I don’t remember ever having one this cool though! Maybe because Ashley Goldberg is younger than me so she wasn’t making them yet. $17


Snarky Pencils – These genius pencils are actually proven to make you smarter, faster, better, stronger. Or at least smile. $7 for a set of 5.


Bikini So Teeny Nail Polish – I only indulge in painting my toes about once a month (you know that means it’s really 2 months, right?) so I try to choose a color that I’ll like for a long time and that goes with everything I wear. This is it, right herr! Trust me, all the cool girls are doing it! PEER PRESSURE! $9

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Loveyoubye! Maggie

6 Beauty Splurges You Deserve for The New Year

At year’s end, and after a busy holiday season I usually like to reward myself with a small luxury; like splurging on a new beauty item for my daily routine. Here is a list of my current favorites that are totally worth it and will make you feel like a million bucks. I’m normally a major cheapskate when it comes to beauty products so these guys only make it into my makeup bag after a ridiculous amount of hemming and hawing. So at least you know, they’ve all been pre-hemmed and hawed.

beauty splurges for the new year

  1. Nars Blush in Orgasm – Universally flattering on any complexion, in any season, this blush was introduced to me by my effortlessly gorg friend who did my wedding makeup and I’ve never looked back.
  2. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer – This little guy packs a powerful punch and you can feel it instantly working on those puffy eyes after you’ve had a few too many dirty martinis.
  3. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer – Of all the under-eye concealers in the land my makeup bag (and there may be at least 10) this one is by far my favorite. The creamy formula – which you only need a tiny dot of – smooths, stays, moisturizes and covers. In the winter when my skin is more pale and a bit dry I use it to cover other blemishes and dark spots too.
  4. Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment by Fresh – Best. Ever. Lip stuff. There’s enough color in this baby to skip lipstick or gloss, it moisturizes like a chapstick, it’s not goopy or sticky and the shade works well all year ’round for a fresh faced look. I’ve been using it for years and I don’t think I’ll ever stop.
  5. Butter London La Moss Nail Lacquer – A deep, wine red for fingers in the cold months and toes in the warm months. Goes on in thin coats and doesn’t chip for days – even if you use your hands like a short order cook.
  6. Oribe Supershine Light – I discovered this hair treatment at my salon and was initially hooked by the smell. You know how your stylist sneaks products into your hair while you blab on about your boyfriend? The light, fresh aroma of this one stopped me mid-blab and I walked out with a tube that day. I really love it because it’s formulated for fine hair – a leave in treatment that won’t make my hair stick to my forehead like Gollum! I use it after I wash my hair to keep things from getting too frizzy and since you only need a small amount the tube lasts me about the whole year.

The New Year is upon us, and I’m hoping most of you have some glitzy plans to ring ‘er on in. Me? I’ll be cementing my pregnant ass on the couch with some Chinese takeout and queuing up a movie marathon with my newly earned sausage fingers. I’m totally looking forward to it.

What are your favorite beauty splurges? And what about them New Year’s plans!?

Loveyoubye, Mags

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